Welcome Josh Denison!

Corridor Law Group is delighted to welcome its new technical specialist, Josh Denison. Originally from Duvall, Washington, Josh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Astrophysics from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Master of Science in Patent Law from University of Notre Dame, where he learned the fine points of the U.S. patent system and best practices in preparing and prosecuting patent applications to allowance and grant. Josh has experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in several technical disciplines, particularly in the electrical and mechanical arts. He also brings specialized knowledge in a variety of technical fields, including optical systems and internal combustion engines. Josh is passionate about delivering high quality services to our clients to assist them in protecting their valuable inventive concepts. Josh’s passions include anything with a V8 engine, playing his Stratocaster, brewing beer and long distance running. Josh can be reached at 425-773-5338 or via email at jdenison@corridorlaw.com.