Patent Lawyers Chicago


Patent Lawyers Chicago

Your idea is great. It’s innovative, it has potential, and most importantly, it can determine the future success of your company. You want to protect your idea and intellectual property as soon as possible and without error. However, you are not sure how to procure a patent or even how to start the process. You also have a business that needs your full attention so you decide you need a patent lawyer in Chicago, but which law firm can deliver on securing a patent while allowing you to focus on your business? The Corridor Law Group can.

With decades of combined experience, the patent lawyers at Corridor Law Group understand the ins and outs of procuring patents. Their experience stretches beyond the legal aspect and into the technological one as well, so they know what your intellectual property means to your business and they know how to guide your idea on the path to commercialization.

For more information on our intellectual property services or if you are in need of a patent lawyer in Chicago, give us a call today at 312-981-0866. You can also get in touch with one of our patent lawyers by filling out the contact form on this page and they will reply shortly.


Veteran Patent Lawyers Chicago


Our patent lawyers come with pedigrees from the top law firms and are ready to put their decades of intellectual property experience to work for you and your innovations. At Corridor Law Group, we use state of the art facilities that help us maximize productivity, meaning more of our time will be focused on your needs. These facilities also allow us to cut down on overhead which translates to lower rates.

We also come prepared with extensive resources including a vast co-counsel to help provide insights into specific technical areas and to deliver comprehensive services that greatly assist in securing patents for your intellectual property. Our continuous improvement model ensures you are getting the highest quality of work for reasonable costs.

Experienced Patent Lawyers Chicago


To learn more about our intellectual property services or if your business is in need of an experienced patent lawyer in Chicago, call us at 312-981-0866 today. Or simply fill out the contact form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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