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Small to medium-sized technology companies entrust their Intellectual Property to Corridor Law's Patent Attorneys. Our firm wants to tune-up your IP.

For less than the cost of a patent application, we’ll strengthen your existing IP and you'll gain a roadmap aligned with your business objectives–we call this new client initiative "Tune-Up Your IP." An IP strategy that once suited your company at the outset can stray off course. Corridor Law Group's veteran attorneys will ensure that your IP dollars are spent productively.

We also provide a Fast Track Program™ that provides quick, solid, “patent pending” status for your IP. Your provisional patent application is expertly written and submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by a registered Patent Attorney.

Corridor Law Group makes it so you'll have all you need to ensure your IP is safe when exposed to the marketplace.

Call 630-417-7553 to schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation with an experienced Patent Attorney. Or you may fill out our contact form below.

Tune-Up Your IP...
Free, 20-minute Consultation

  • Understand the best ways to protect your IP
  • Communicate directly with an experienced IP Attorney
  • How to receive "Patent Pending" status FAST
  • Feel confident about the provisional application patent process

Corridor Law's IP Fast Track services include:

  • Professional review by an experienced Patent Attorney
  • Phone consultations and/or email communications
  • Editing and revising the written description of your IP before submission to the Patent Office
  • “Patent Pending” status in just a few days
  • Government filing fees included
  • Proper “patent pending” documentation

Let's Tune-Up Your IP. Call 312-981-0866 or privately email us here...

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