Chicago Patent Attorney: Free 20-minute Phone Consultation

Chicago Patent Attorney: Free 20-minute Phone Consultation

Chicago Patent Attorney: What you can expect from our free 20-minute Phone Consultation

The experienced intellectual property attorneys at Corridor Law Group are based in the Chicago area, but serve clients across the U.S. and in foreign countries. Our IP services and expertise cover a diverse range of businesses and technologies, with a focus on securing strong patents at a very reasonable cost.

“I’m almost always able to break away from what I’m doing to take a new client’s call. Technology developers are naturally cautious about sharing their information, but once I explain the process and costs to them, their initial wariness subsides and we can explore how the tools afforded by the patent laws can benefit their business.”

—Bob Fieseler, Attorney and Founder

We offer potential new clients a free 20-minute phone consultation, which allows us to answer clients’ questions about the patenting process without imposing on them any obligation to formally retain our firm. This initial consultation provides new clients with the information they need to determine whether they should entrust their valuable ideas to our attorneys. We also provide new clients with strategic options for protecting and building a business around their ideas. Corridor Law Group isn't in the business of writing and filing patent applications for every new client, because in some cases the patenting process won’t provide the level of protection that’s worth the costs.


Bob Fieseler, Corridor Law Group’s founder, reports that in a normal week he conducts between three and five free phone consultations. To schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation with an experienced patent attorney, visit this page.

Corridor Law Group’s Passion For Innovation And…Honey!

Corridor Law Group’s Passion For Innovation And…Honey!

Corridor Law Group’s founder and CEO, Bob Fieseler, is passionate about intellectual property law and innovations that change the world–but did you know that he’s also passionate about beekeeping? Yes, it’s true. Bob loves the art of beekeeping and enjoys its many natural health benefits. Local opinion recognizes that Bob has cultivated some of the best tasting honey in Naperville and often sends honey to friends and clients. On any given Saturday morning during the Spring and Summer months, you’d find Bob in his beekeeping suit caring for his bees and their hives. Bob harvested almost 12 gallons of honey, weighing about 125 pounds, from his hive last year!

Here’s a wonderful article about a new innovation that allows beekeepers to collect honey without ever opening the hive. How appropriate—passion and innovation nestled into one really cool product innovation called Flow Frame.™

A Father and Son's Genius Beehive Invention: Collect Honey Without Opening Hive
“The world of bee keeping has been waiting a very long time for a new innovation. The Father and son team of Stuart and Cedar Anderson have come up with a genius way to collect honey without opening the hive. They call this innovation the "Flow Frame.”

According to (their website):

“Flow™” is the name of our new invention that allows honey to be harvested directly from the hive without opening the hive and with little disturbance to the bees. The Flow frames are the beehive frames that make this possible. The team recently launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and at the the time of this writing, have raised over $2,500,000 dollars. This is pretty amazing considering their initial goal was to raise $70,000.”



“The Andersons believe that beekeepers and bees have a special symbiotic relationship that goes back thousands of years. We have literally evolved together. We care for them, they pollinate our crops and of course make lots of delicious honey. Without the bees we may not be able to sustain human life as we know it, and without the beekeepers we wouldn’t have enough bees….In this modern world of limited natural habitat, beekeepers have become vital carers of bee colonies. We hope Flow™ hive will encourage thousands more people to become passionate carers and advocates of bees and become more aware of the threats facing not only bees but the matrix of life. For more information check out the Indiegogo Campaign or the HoneyFlow website.”

Corridor Law Group sends out a big “congratulations” to father and son inventors, Stuart and Cedar Anderson! We love your innovation Flow Frame™ and its potential to change the world– one hive (and one jar of honey) at a time. Cheers, guys.

Excerpt from

Encouraging Kids of All Ages to Learn About Intellectual Property

Our kids are the future of this country; they are the inventors and innovators of tomorrow as well as our future business leaders. Thankfully there are many resources for them to learn about intellectual property. We were thrilled to learn that the USPTO has launched a new website that encourages kids and teens to create and invent, all the while discovering the importance of protecting their Intellectual Property (IP). The new site includes history, informative links, activities, and videos designed to help educate students, parents and teachers about patent law.

Here's a nicely produced video where innovators within the arena of extreme sports talk about the importance of inventing, patenting, and advancing their own tools of the trade. Many athletes (and even young people who aren't athletes) constantly serve as innovators within their disciplines, creating goods and technologies that make it possible to break new ground in competitions such as the X Games. Have a look:


That's how it's done, and it all starts with your idea! Corridor Law Group attorneys have a history of educating students about the patent process. Firm founder Bob Fieseler has visited local schools to teach students about patent law. This is something we feel that is important, because tomorrow's innovators are nearby in our own local classrooms.

Learning how to get your idea off the ground (and protected properly) isn't just for kids, either. Our attorneys often find themselves taking on the role of a teacher as they instruct and guide "first-time" clients through the patenting process. Give us a call if you have your own questions and want to learn more about developing your own IP.

So, way to go USPTO! Big applause from all of us at Corridor Law Group.

Developing a Patent Position

One of the most important things for any startup company to do in its infancy, particularly those in a technological field, is to begin to develop a strong patent portfolio. Engaging an experienced IP attorney early on in the company’s formation can help lead to the propagation of strong patent positioning that can then be used to protect the company from competitors at a later time. A robust patent portfolio also increases the price the company can demand in a sale.

Patent Positioning

A patent attorney’s main job is to help position and protect his or her client’s intellectual property from all angles. When developing a strategy he should consider both offensive and defensive patent portfolio strategies.

Through invention "mining," also known as invention "harvesting," an experienced patent attorney can help a company grow its patent portfolio by continuously identifying and protecting inventions early on in the development cycle. Often startup companies are not even aware that they are sitting on hundreds of patentable and commercially viable ideas.

Offensive Patent Positioning Plays

When selecting a qualified firm, budding CEOs should consider the firm's experience, capabilities, personality, and cost. To aid potential clients in making the right decision, Corridor Law Group offers a no obligation 20-minute consultation so potential clients can better understand the process and costs associated with obtaining proper IP protection. This consultation also allows potential clients to get to know the attorneys that will be handling their matters.

Client’s choosing Corridor Law Group gain a unique advantage in that they are getting the experience and expertise of top-tier attorneys without the costs associated with a large law firm. We like to say “you’re getting the doctors without the hospital.”

Corridor Law Group Welcomes IP Attorney Ryan Truesdale to the Firm

Ryan Truesdale has joined the intellectual property experts at Corridor Law Group. Ryan, formerly of Banner-Witcoff, will be starting his position as IP Attorney in December, 2013.

Ryan enjoys practicing in a variety of intellectual property law. His experience in various fields enables him to not just solve his clients' immediate concerns, but aid in creating a comprehensive intellectual property strategy that aligns with their business goals.

Most recently, Ryan represented a startup company in the energy storage field. Prior to that, he represented a Fortune 500 client in the athletic footwear and apparel industry practicing in a wide variety of intellectual property issues ranging from trademark and trade dress disputes, to patent prosecution. One of these matters reached the Supreme Court.

Ryan's technical background is biological physics. He worked on the Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System where he studied the nuclear properties of heavy ions during his internship at the Department of Energy.