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Your intellectual property can be the key to success for your company. Getting your intellectual property is a crucial step in the process of building up your business and you are going to need the expertise of an experienced Patent Firm to get you going in the right direction. Here at Corridor Law Group, we have veteran patent attorneys from the top law firms and they are here to put their expertise to use for your benefit.

Our patent firm employs top of the line law facilities to cut down on overhead and to maximize our productivity, meaning more time for you. Corridor Law Group also has an extensive co-counsel network, to help find the talent that is needed to protect your intellectual property.

For more information on our patent firm services or if you have any questions, call us today at 630-417-7553 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will respond shortly.

An Experienced Patent Firm

Our knowledgeable attorneys at Corridor Law Group have decades of experience under their belts and will be able to assess your intellectual property and patent needs. We understand that each company comes with its own unique set of needs and with our policies, we can get your intellectual property protected within your budget limitations.

Our attorneys are well versed and very efficient in getting patent protections for your intellectual property. Protecting your property can be the difference in your company’s success and growth. If you’re in need of a patent firm or need your intellectual property protected, Corridor Law Group can help.

An Affordable Patent Firm

We offer great rates and affordable prices here at Corridor Law Group. Our prices are around 50% lower than the national average and 25% lower than the Chicago area average. So if your company is in need of intellectual property protection and an expert patent firm, call us today at 630-417-7553 or fill out the form below and we will respond shortly.


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