Our IP Fast Track Program™ fee is all inclusive

Corridor Law Group’s IP Fast Track Program is designed for every great idea that requires a quick “patent pending” status, but also requires the expertise of an experienced patent attorney to review, consult with you and edit the necessary verbiage, that will help ensure your investment and your idea for the first year.


Many of our clients get the protection they need for their intellectual property before they begin shopping for investors and prior to testing it out in the market or at trade shows, or presenting their idea at a stakeholder’s meeting.
Whatever your IP circumstances may be, Corridor Law Group will help you get your provisional patent done right the first time.

For your money, you get the following Corridor Law services
  • Professional review by an actual experienced patent attorney
  • Phone consultation and/or email communications
  • Editing or adjusting the verbiage of your IP prior to submission
  • We ensure solid, proficient drawings for your submission
  • “Patent Pending” status within just a few days
  • Government Filing Fees
  • Proper “patent pending” documentation

IP Fast Track Program in a Nutshell
$4330 / $4200*

  • *(pricing for small entities)
  • Direct communication and attention by an IP Attorney
  • Receive "Patent Pending" status FAST
  • Includes Filing Fee and official documentation
  • Solid, proficient drawings for your submission ensured

Get Started

At Corridor Law our main goal is to offer you the greatest value and best protection for your Intellectual Property portfolio with our value oriented approach to patents. We believe in doing patents right or don’t do them at all. Get started securely, safely and confidentially.

Please note, during our IP Fast Track process, there are a few things you will need to provide Corridor Law in preparation for your provisional patent:

  • Your contact information
  • A valid credit card and billing information
  • A valid email address
  • You will be asked to upload at least one illustration or drawing of your solution. (Hand-sketched drawings are fine, and sometimes preferable to formal engineering drawings, because they highlight the key components of the invention.) We will review your drawing(s) and if we feel you need to expound further, we will let you know.