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Intellectual Property Lawyers Naperville intellectual property lawyers provide the Naperville area with a value-minded, skilled, experienced advocate. Our intellectual property lawyers act to protect our clients’ intellectual property from copyright infringement, protect their rights as inventors, and reduce their legal worries so they can focus on invention and innovation.


Our intellectual property lawyers understand how critical and fast filing a patent is for a company, and we pride ourselves in using our years of legal experience to expedite a filing as much as possible. Whenever you feel you need your patent ready and in motion, our intellectual property lawyers know how to make it happen. Contact us today so we can understand your needs and prepare your next invention for patent protection. Call us at 630-417-7553 or fill out the form on this page and a representative will respond shortly.


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The intellectual property lawyers serving Naperville from have a thorough understanding of a variety of the businesses that rely heavily on intellectual property law. They work with startup companies and major industrial leaders, each with its own special needs. Our intellectual property lawyers know how to speed up the filing process for particular patents and the different needs based on industry and budget for our clients.


We work with our clients to understand the patent process and how we will assist them along and assume the responsibility for protecting their ideas and business. We make sure to file as quickly as we can, so their ideas do not get left tied up in legal matters before production, and continue to be ready for any legal action necessary after the patents roll out. A client always gets the best and most budget-friendly approach from our intellectual property lawyers. Fill out the form on this page to reach out to us and an expert from our staff will contact you to explore what our services may provide you.


Intellectual Property Lawyers Tailored for your Budget offers a variety of billing models to best fit our wide array of clients. Our intellectual property lawyers work for companies and clients from all levels of business; to meet their budget needs while performing at a high level is an important goal. Intellectual property lawyers at our firm are eager to address the needs of businesses in the Naperville and Chicagoland areas.


We are priced competitively by the hour, but are also available for retainer or any number of other payment methods. Call us today at 630-417-7553 or fill out the form on this page to learn more about our pricing options, we look forward to hearing from you.

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