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Technology companies, inventors, investors and start-ups; all entrust their Intellectual Property to our Chicago Patent Attorneys.

Corridor Law Group safeguards and positions the technology you've developed to grow and prosper. Our Fast Track Program™ provides quick, solid, “patent pending” status for your IP. Your provisional patent application is expertly written and submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by a registered Chicago Patent Attorney.

We make the provisional patent application process simple. You'll have all you need to ensure your IP is safe when exposed to the marketplace.

Call 312-981-0866 to schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation with an experienced Chicago Patent Attorney. Or you may fill out our contact form below.

Corridor Law's IP Fast Track services include:

  • Professional review by an experienced Chicago Patent Attorney
  • Phone consultations and/or email communications
  • Editing and revising the written description of your IP before submission to the Patent Office
  • “Patent Pending” status in just a few days
  • Government filing fees included
  • Proper “patent pending” documentation

Get introduced to our IP Fast Track Program
Free, 20-minute Consultation

  • Communicate directly with an experienced IP Attorney
  • How to receive "Patent Pending" status FAST
  • Understand the best ways to protect your IP
  • Feel confident about the provisional application patent process

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