New Technology and Inventions in the Market

New Technology and Inventions in the Market

At Corridor Law Group, we're excited and proud when our clients' new technology and products successfully break into the market with help from our patent strategies. It’s our business and our passion; it’s what we work hard to achieve for our clients.

Lately, we’ve been reading about and reviewing some of the technologies that have emerged over the past year and thought it would be worth highlighting a couple that we thought were pretty impressive.

One we came across was Armortech, and their Force Field Technology. They've developed technology that protects smart phone screens that are able to take quite the punishment. The technology is in the form of a screen shield that has been rigorously lab and field tested to withstand: a power drill, a hammer and crowbar, high pressure pellets, razor blades, and cinder block drops. Check out their demo here, it says it all.


Patented technology at work! Nice job Armortech.

Another pretty cool product comes from Powerbright. They’ve developed a power inverter that turns your car’s 12V cigarette lighter into an active AC wall outlet and USB port. It can power up to four devices at once and fits securely into most cup holders. This noiseless little product has three USB ports that are iPad/iPhone compatible and one wall outlet.

Powerbright designs and manufactures their products at its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China. Keeping their design and manufacturing in their own plant allows for stringent testing and allows the company to maintain very high quality products. Check out more of their products at, pretty impressive stuff.

When innovative products become commercially viable, the patents that protect products' unique features, and the technology that makes them unique, should be rock solid.

At Corridor Law Group, we help investors, inventors and companies protect their intellectual property and help guide their products to becoming profitable. We also enjoy reviewing the latest inventions and how patents play an integral role in bringing products to market. We will continue to highlight more inventions, old and new, in future posts—please check back with us soon. For more information getting a patent application process started, please call us for a free, 20-minute phone consultation with an experienced patent attorney. Just visit this page.

Patent Applications for 21st Century Technology

Patent Applications for 21st Century Technology

It takes an attorney with deep knowledge of technology and many years of experience in that area of law to write and file a solid patent application for modern technology. Although clients in technical fields have many good choices in Chicago and throughout the country, finding an experienced and qualified Patent Attorney who understands your business and technology can be a daunting task. To accomplish that task, Corridor Law Group employs a proprietary process to secure the protection that‘s needed to make your technology commercially successful.

If Kevlar can stop a bullet, it can damn sure stop a blitz. —Rob Vito, to Wired Magazine, on his EXO Skeleton Kevlar padding.

Typically, the most expedient route to putting patent protection into place is via the preparation and filing of a provisional patent application. For an affordable cost, a provisional application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will preserve, for one year, the ability to later pursue patents in the U.S. and foreign countries. During the year the provisional application is pending, you can freely share your concepts with potential business partners, and if the commercial prospects appear promising, you can proceed with the filing of a more formal, non-provisional patent application, which will be examined and, once granted, result in an enforceable U.S. patent.

We weave Kevlar into our patent applications...not really, but we may as well. —Bob Fieseler on his IP Fast Track Program.

From our 30+ years of preparing, filing and securing patents for technology developers, we understand that a good patent application depends upon precise and legally sustainable wording, thorough descriptive content, and accurate drawings of the technical subject matter being protected. We’ve developed an online system called the IP Fast Track Program. This proprietary web-based tool helps guide our clients in assembling the information to enable Corridor Law Group’s experienced Patent Attorneys to prepare and file your patent application. If fast-tracking your technology sounds appealing, check out our IP Fast Track Program here.