How Long Does it Take to File a Provisional Patent?

How Long Does it Take to File a Provisional Patent?

Here is an example of an inquiry Corridor Law recently received via email:

"Hello. How long does it take to file a provisional patent? What's the typical lead time needed? I'm attending a trade show next week and it might be helpful to have (a provisional patent application) in place so I can speak more openly with potential partners there."

Every week, we receive similar calls and email inquiries from prospective clients asking "how quickly we can file a provisional patent application.” Whether it’s a meeting with potential investors or an upcoming trade show, it's a fairly common occurrence for individuals and startup companies to find themselves in a situation where they want to share an idea or reveal a product, but have not yet acquired the necessary protection.

In the interest of clients who need a quick solution to protect their ideas, we designed our IP Fast Track Program to get them the intellectual property protection they need both quickly and efficiently. Our IP Fast Track Program is designed for innovators who require solid protection and fast "patent pending" status.

While there are cheap online patent services, we at Corridor Law believe that if an idea is worth protecting (and we’ll tell you if it’s not) then obtaining the right protection requires the skill and expertise of an experienced patent attorney. All of our clients receive direct professional counsel and expert advice from our experienced patent attorneys.

Via our IP Fast Track Program, our new clients are usually able to attend their trade shows or business meetings within as little as a couple days from our initial contact, with the peace of mind that their idea is protected.

In summary, here's the good news! There is a way to obtain solid IP protection with a quick turnaround. So if you're in a hurry, let's talk.


Corridor Law Group’s “5 C” Approach to Crafting a Patent Application

A recent article on Law360 discussed how judges are looking for more craftsmanship in the patents they are asked to review. The article then goes on to define what the author calls the “4 Cs” of patent drafting: Collaboration, Customization, Continuity and Core Components.

While it was the first time someone has summarized patent drafting this way, Corridor Law Group’s attorneys have been paying attention to these facets in drafting patents for years. We understand the complexity involved in submitting well-written and detailed provisional patent application to the USPTO and have been creating high quality application, well before judges started emphasizing better crafted applications. In fact, we feel that we add a “fifth C” to our patents: Creativity.


Corridor Law Group's "5 C" approach to crafting a patent application:

Corridor Law Group collaborates with our clients on many levels. We are both excellent communicators, as well as effective listeners. Beyond the traditional interaction between inventor and counsel, we often introduce our clients to our network of marketing and product development teams to aid in bringing our client’s ideas to market. In addition, we frequently work with foreign counsel to ensure our client’s receive worldwide protection.

Every patent application that is submitted by Corridor Law Group is customized to offer the greatest protection for our clients. This true customization is accomplished by the exchange of drafts and conversations with the client; and a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, including their competitors.

Obtaining the desired protection of a patent continues to evolve as products develop, both before and after commercialization. Corridor Law Group offers an experienced and stable collaborative process through all phases of protecting our clients’ property, from filing a well-written provisional application all the way through the filing of continuations and continuations-in-part years after the product has been brought to market.

Core Components
At Corridor Law Group, our experienced attorneys offer the draftsmanship and mastery needed to ensure the protection of your core Intellectual Property. We make it our job to ensure that you have a solid core of IP to build your business around

While a good patent attorney has a strong scientific background, the best understand that patent prosecution is as much an art as it is a science. Attorneys at Corridor Law Group, are logical enough to understand the most technical of inventions, yet creative enough to draft patents that end up offering protection for material that previous attorneys felt was unpatentable. In that regard, we feel creativity is vitally important when crafting a patent application.